• Kids And Family Counseling

    KAFC specializes in providing multiple modalities of therapy for children and adults through our comprehensive programs, including early intervention at our clinic, a Medicaid intensive 12-week day program, in-home ABA services, social groups, and individual mental health counseling.

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  • Why Choose Us?

    Small clinician caseloads

    On average, clinicians in most ABA agencies hold between 10-15 clients. At KAFC we limit our therapists to 5-7 families. We prioritize families and our relationships over profits.


    Multidisciplinary Leadership

    Multiple specialities provided under one roof

    Personal experience and Involvement in the community

    Our founder and executive director is a parent to a child on the spectrum. We also participate in advocacy, legislative work groups, and engage in community service.


    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    KAFC understands that every family has their own cultures, customs, systems, and practices. So we adapt to you and learn ways to better serve your family as a whole. We pride ourselves on our diverse workforce, client base, and dedication to serving ALL families.

  • Therapy Services


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    Center Based ABA

    We offer center based, early intervention services for children ages 3-6 and a 12-week intensive day program for medicaid elligiable families for ages 3-6.

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    In-Home ABA

    Family systems, culture, and lifestyles are unique and individual to all of us. So we provide in-home ABA therapy for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum to work meaningful skills and strategies to enhance their quality of life.

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    Mental Health Counseling

    Focusing and reinvesting time into ourselves is an important feature to consider when thinking about our satisfaction with our current status and the space we occupy. Allow us to work alongside you to help identify and work through collaborative and person centered goals to make the change you wish to see in your life.

  • Assessments and Consultations

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    Autism Diagnostic Testing

    The Kids and Family Counseling offers diagnostic assessments and evaluations to screen for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The results of the evaluation may result in a confirmed autism diagnosis, in which we will work with you and your family to identify the next steps and assist with mapping our and navigating your new journey.

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    Consultation and Training

    Our team provides training, consultation, and assessments for various occasions. Our training and consulting teamspecialize in both general mental health and applied behavior analysis. This combination of experience and education is what sets us apart from other providers because we focus on the importance of holistic health and including diverse perspectives. Our team has worked in government agencies, schools, non-profits, and hospitals, so we are familiar and experienced across many settings. We hope to help bridge the gap for the community by presenting new perspectives and ideas in supporting children and adults with either Mental health, developmental disabilities, or a combination of learning barriers.

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